Display frames on input fields

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows




xcall I_FRAMES(window_id[, set_name])



The ID of the input window. (n)


(optional) The set name containing the fields to frame, or “*NONE*” to remove all frames. (The latter must be uppercase and enclosed in quotation marks.) (a)


Generally, input fields have frames around them only when the input set they belong to is being processed using I_INPUT. Using I_FRAMES, however, you can display frames on input fields within a given set without calling I_INPUT. (On UNIX and OpenVMS, this routine is ignored.)

Only the fields contained in the specified set will be framed. (This allows for display-only fields that function as labels.) If set_name is not passed, then the default (first) will be used. Frames can only be displayed on one set at a time. If set_name is the special value “*NONE*”, then all field frames will be removed from the window.

Note that the window must be placed before you pass its ID (as window_id) to I_FRAMES.

If you use I_FRAMES to remove the frame from a field that has been displayed or cleared since its input window was added to a tab set, renditions will be applied to the field that may not match the renditions for the window. See %TS_TABSET for more information.


The following example displays frames on all the input fields in the input set set1.

xcall i_frames(id, "set1")

The next example clears all the frames from the input window inpid.

xcall i_frames(inpid,"*NONE*")