Environment Routines

An environment is a program state that consists of the current definition of the screen, any terminal settings and processing options, and open channels. An application may have multiple environments. The environment routines enable you to create, enter, and leave environments, as well as modify aspects of environments.

E_ENTER - Enter a new environment

E_EXIT - Exit to the previous environment

%E_FONT - Modify the font for the header, footer, or information line

%E_INFO - Return information about environment processing

E_METHOD - Register an environment method

E_SECT - Place text into a section of the display screen

E_STATE - Modify the state of the current environment

%EAPPMOVE_METHOD - Perform application move processing

%EAPPSIZE_METHOD - Perform application resize processing

%EAPPSTATE_METHOD - Perform application state processing

%ECENTURY_METHOD - Perform century processing

ECHKFLD_METHOD - Perform user field validation

ECLOSE_METHOD - Perform application close processing

EDSPFLD_METHOD - Perform user field display

EEDTDSP_METHOD - Perform user field editing

EENTRST_METHOD - Perform input override processing

EFKEY_METHOD - Perform key mapping

EHELP_METHOD - Perform help processing

ESCRIPTERR_METHOD - Perform script compilation error processing

EUTILS_METHOD - Perform utilities processing