The environment methods

The topics below contain specification pages for environment method subroutines. These method subroutines are written by you, and their names are specified as arguments to E_METHOD. UI Toolkit then calls them at the appropriate time.

Method subroutines are important in applications that will run in a Windows environment.

%EAPPMOVE_METHOD - Perform application move processing

%EAPPSIZE_METHOD - Perform application resize processing

%EAPPSTATE_METHOD - Perform application state processing

%ECENTURY_METHOD - Perform century processing

ECHKFLD_METHOD - Perform user field validation

ECLOSE_METHOD - Perform application close processing

EDSPFLD_METHOD - Perform user field display

EEDTDSP_METHOD - Perform user field editing

EENTRST_METHOD - Perform input override processing

EFKEY_METHOD - Perform key mapping

EHELP_METHOD - Perform help processing

ESCRIPTERR_METHOD - Perform script compilation error processing

EUTILS_METHOD - Perform utilities processing