Perform key mapping


WNSupported in Synergy .NET on Windows
USupported on UNIX
VSupported on OpenVMS
subroutine EFKEY_METHOD
   a_key_code   ,n 



The key value to map. (n)


EFKEY_METHOD is a subroutine that you write and name. The name of your subroutine is registered with UI Toolkit using the E_METHOD subroutine. (On Windows, this routine is ignored.)

UI Toolkit calls EFKEY_METHOD whenever a function key or control character is entered by the user, enabling you to assign a key to a reserved function. The version of EFKEY_METHOD supplied with Toolkit does nothing. You can use it, however, to remap any function code you desire.

The distributed include file inpctl.def defines the function codes for key mapping. EFKEY_METHOD is passed a_key_code, which is the key code that resulted from any interpretation of the key map. You can modify this function code and change it to any other code defined in inpctl.def or zero to have nothing happen.

At the end of the list of defined codes, you may notice definitions for DELETE_KEY, PROCESS_MENU, SCREEN_REDRAW, and EOF_KEY. To assign these functions to a different key, all you need to change in your EFKEY_METHOD subroutine is the usual code generated by the desired keystroke to one of these codes.

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