Perform application state processing

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows




function EAPPSTATE_METHOD, ^val
   a_state      ,n

Return value

This function should return true (1), so that other return values may be used in the future. (n)



One of the following states defined in tools.def: (n)


Window was restored.


Window was minimized.


Window was maximized.


Window was hidden.


%EAPPSTATE_METHOD is a function that you write and name. The name of your function is registered with UI Toolkit using the E_METHOD subroutine.

UI Toolkit calls your %EAPPSTATE_METHOD function when the state of the application window changes.

Because Toolkit invokes this function as a direct callback, the code in this function should be kept to a minimum, and operations that could conflict with concurrent processing avoided. For example, any action causing the rebuilding of an input set (such as I_SETDEL) must be avoided because this would give the user the opportunity to create a fatal error condition in I_INPUT. Instead, use %M_SIGNAL to synchronize processing for all such cases.

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