Perform utilities processing

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows
WNSupported in Synergy .NET on Windows
USupported on UNIX
VSupported on OpenVMS
subroutine EUTILS_METHOD
   a_record     ,a
   a_inpinfo    ,a
   a_methoddata1 ,any
   a_methoddata20 ,any



(optional) The data area associated with the input window of the calling program. (a)


(optional) The structure of input information. (a)

a_methoddata1 through a_methoddata20

(optional) Up to 20 additional data arguments. (any)


EUTILS_METHOD is a subroutine that you write and name. You must use E_METHOD to register the name of your subroutine.

The EUTILS_METHOD subroutine is called by UI Toolkit when the user selects a menu entry whose internal name begins with “U_”.

The a_record argument is passed only if EUTILS_METHOD is called from I_INPUT or L_INPUT.

The a_inpinfo argument is passed only if EUTILS_METHOD is called from I_INPUT, I_INPFLD, L_INPUT, or L_INPFLD. The inpinf.def file defines a_inpinfo. See IARRIVE_METHOD for information.

The a_methoddata arguments are passed only if they are passed to the routine within which the EUTILS_METHOD method is called.

UI Toolkit’s default utility processing routine is named TKP_UTILS, which generates the error “Unknown utility entry xxxx received” (where xxxx is the name of a utility entry) if the user selects a U_ menu entry and no overloaded EUTILS_METHOD subroutine is registered.


In the following example, because EUTILS_METHOD is called only when a U_ menu entry is selected, g_entnam will always contain the entry name of a U_ entry. (There’s no need to check g_select.)

After the entry is processed, g_select must be cleared so the menu processing subroutine (M_PROCESS or I_INPUT, for example) will continue as if no menu selection were made. If g_select is true on return, the menu entry is returned to the calling routine.

subroutine my_eutils_method
  a_record      ,a           ; optional data area
.include "WND:tools.def"
  case g_entnam of 
"U_COMM ":          xcall comment
"U_PUZZ ":          xcall puzzle
"U_SCRPRN ":        xcall scrprn
    xcall u_message("Unrecognized utility menu entry")
  clear g_select

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