Modify the font for the header, footer, or information line

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows




prev_font = %E_FONT(D_HEADER|D_FOOTER|D_INFO[, font_id])


xcall E_FONT(D_HEADER|D_FOOTER|D_INFO[, font_id])

Return value


On Windows, the font handle of the previously selected font for the section. On UNIX and OpenVMS, always returns zero. (^VAL)



Change the font for the header section, footer section, or information line. (n)


(optional) The name of a font palette entry, a font handle, or one of the following. (a or n)


Current font.


Global font.


Alternate font.


Debugger font.


%E_FONT modifies the font for the header, footer, or information line. This font information is used for the current environment only. It is not saved in synergy.ini. On Windows, the Windows theme in use determines the font for the title. (Toolkit settings for titles are ignored on Windows.)

If font_id is not passed, the font is not changed.

The initial values for the header, footer, and information line can be specified in synergy.ini or in the environment by setting the FONT_HEADER, FONT_FOOTER, and FONT_INFO environment variables. If no initial values are set, a font palette entry named “Status” is used. If a font palette entry named “Status” is not defined, one is created using typeface “Arial,” point size 10, and sizing character “A.” Note that the sizing character is not used for the font for these sections, but it would affect the font’s reuse in other Synergy windows.

Changing the font of a displayed screen section at runtime will cause the application window to be resized. If more than one of these fonts or the application window font are to be changed at the same time, we recommend that you call U_UPDATE(FALSE) prior to %E_FONT and U_UPDATE(TRUE) afterwards to avoid excessive repainting.

See also


The following example sets the font for the footer section to be footer_font, where footer_font is a font defined in synergy.ini or synuser.ini or defined at runtime by calling %U_WNDFONT(D_SETFONT).

old_font = %e_font(D_FOOTER, "footer_font")

The following example sets the font for the information line to be the font specified by font_hndl. Font_hndl would have been returned from a call to %U_WNDFONT(D_SETFONT) when the font palette entry was created.

old_info_font = %e_font(D_INFO, font_hndl)