UI Toolkit Reference

Version 11.1

This manual contains information on Synergy/DE UI Toolkit. This includes information on UI Toolkit routine syntax, as well as information on the UI Toolkit utilities Script, Proto, and window debugger.


Welcome to UI Toolkit

Window Scripts



ActiveX Routines

Button Routines

Composite Window Routines

Environment Routines

Input Routines

List Routines

Menu Routines

.NET Routines

Selection Routines

Tab Set Routines

Text Routines

Toolbar Routines

Utility Routines

Toolkit Debugger

Customizing UI Toolkit

Appendix A: Maximums

Appendix B: Reserved Menu Entries

Appendix C: Keyboard Navigation for Lists on Windows

Appendix D: Methods

Appendix E: File-Stack Processing

Appendix F: Linked-List Processing