Text Routines

Tookit’s text routines enable you to view (display) or edit text in a window. They support margins, word wrap, and scrolling (when the window view is smaller than the entire window).

If desired, the text routines can store text entries in a compressed format, which can be stored to, or loaded from, either a text window or an array. Text windows also can be loaded from an array.

T_EDIT - Edit the text in a text window

T_GETLIN - Get lines of text from a text window

T_PUTTXT - Put text into a text window

T_SETUP - Specify a text window’s characteristics

T_TXTRD - Read text from a window library

T_TXTWRT - Store text into a window library

T_VIEW - Control view through a text window

T_WNDRD - Load a text window from a window library

T_WNDWRT - Store a text window’s contents in a window library