Window Scripts

Window script files are the foundation of the Toolkit windowing system. Script files contain commands that create general windows, input windows, menu columns and so forth. A script file is a text file, so it can be written in any text editor. The Script utility is used to compile window script files. (They can also be compiled using Composer or Proto.)

.BLANK - Add a blank row

.BORDER - Define border renditions

.BOX - Draw a box

.BUTTON - Include buttons in a window

.BUTTON_SET - Define the placement of a set of buttons

.COLUMN - Begin a menu column definition

.DATA - Load data into a user data set field

.DATE_GENERATED - Define the date the script file was generated

.DISPLAY_AREA - Define the display area

.END - End a window definition

.ENTRY - Define a column entry

.FIELD - Define an input window field

.FILL - Define the fill character

.FONT - Specify the font for a window

.INPUT - Begin an input window definition

.ITEM - Define a selection window entry

.LINE - Draw a line

.LIST - Create a set of menu entries

.LISTCLASS - Begin a list class definition

.LOCAL - Define subsequent fields as local

.PAINT - Define the paint character

.PLACEMENT - Define the placement of a window

.REPOSITORY_STRUCTURE - Establish the current repository structure

.SCRIPT - Define a version 6 or higher script file

.SELECT - Begin a selection window definition

.SET - Define an input set

.STRUCTURE - Define the structure of a data area

.TEXT - Add text to a window or menu column

.TITLE - Define a window title

.TRIM - Trim extra blanks from end of window

.USER_DEFINE - Define a user data set

.VERSION - Define the UI Toolkit version

.WFIELD - Define a general window field

.WINDOW - Begin a general window definition

%SCR_CLOSELIBRARY - Close the currently open window library

%SCR_ERRORCOUNT - Return script compilation error information

%SCR_OPENLIBRARY - Open a window library

%SCR_PROCESS - Compile a script file into the open window library