Specify the font for a window

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows




.FONT palette_name



The name of a font palette entry.


The .FONT command allows a font to be specified for a general window, input window, or selection window.

Specifying a proportional font for a window causes the window to be sized according to the metrics of that font. Objects are positioned according to rows and columns based upon the metrics of that font, taking into consideration the sizing character — for example, a capital “W” represents a wider cell size than a lowercase “a” — and the existing leading calculations.

If a proportional font is specified, objects in the window that do not support proportional fonts may not display as expected. See Using fonts on Windows for more information.

Although the .FONT command has no visual effect on UNIX and OpenVMS systems, it is preserved with the window definition so that the same window library can be used for both non‑Windows and Windows systems.

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This example uses “my_input_font” for the window inpwnd.

.input inpwnd
.font my_input_font