Synergy/DE Licensing

On Windows and UNIX, Synergy/DE products are licensed by installing product keys. On Windows, product keys may be installed locally (stand-alone) or on a network (shared) machine. Local or network licensing is specified during installation; see Choosing local or network licensing (Windows). On UNIX, all connected users can share product keys. (On OpenVMS, Synergy/DE uses the OpenVMS License Management Utility to install license PAKs. See Synergex KnowledgeBase article 100000883 and your OpenVMS documentation for more information.)

During installation, you will enter the unique licensee name that you provided to Synergex when you ordered products, and then a registration string based on that name will be generated on the machine. By applying an install code (a temporary, 4-character code that Synergex emails to you after you place an order), you transmit this registration string to Synergex. (See Applying an install code.) The registration string is then used to generate product keys for the Synergy/DE products you ordered. Once the product keys are installed on your machine, your products are licensed.

In Synergy/DE 11, Synergex introduced REV11 licensing, which enables the automatic delivery and installation of product keys. With REV11 licensing, License Manager on your machine automatically syncs with the Synergy License Web Service to obtain license data for your system. After your product keys are installed, License Manager continues polling on a set schedule to check for license changes. Internet access is required to take advantage of automatic product key delivery; see Licensing Synergy/DE products. (If you are installing Synergy/DE on a system without internet access, see Licensing Synergy/DE products on a system without internet access.) For additional information on the features of REV11 licensing, see the Licensing FAQ.

You can manage your Synergy/DE licenses in the Licenses area of the Synergex Resource Center. (A Resource Center account with license admin access is required.) The Licenses website enables you to