Displaying contact information

You can specify that custom contact information be displayed in the copyright statement that displays during the 14-day grace period and in warning messages that display when there is a problem with licensing or the expiration date for a license is approaching. Custom contact information will also display when you run lmu or lmu -b.


This feature is not available on systems running the licensing upgrade package (because it requires a version 11 or higher Synergy runtime).

You can specify up to 3 lines of 60 characters each, which can be loaded from a text file or (on Windows) typed into a field in SynConfig. In warning messages, the text you specify is preceded by the line “Please contact your Synergy supplier.” When running lmu or lmu -b, it is preceded by “Contact Info:”.

Use the lmu -contact option and specify the path and filename of a text file that contains the contact information. If there is a space in the path or filename, enclose the entire path in quotation marks. For example,

lmu -contact "c:\my files\ContactInfo.txt"

See lmu utility for more information about lmu options.

1. In the Synergy Configuration Program, go to the Licensing tab and click the Advanced button.
2. In the Advanced License Manager dialog, select the "Display contact information in copyright statement" check box, and then specify a file that contains the contact information or type it into the dialog yourself:
3. Click OK in the Advanced License Manager dialog.

To change the contact information, follow the instructions above, specifying a different or modified file or typing different text.