Using a proxy server with REV11 licensing

If your license server uses a proxy server to connect to the internet, and you want synd to use that proxy when contacting the Synergy License Web Service, you will need to specify the proxy for synd. You can also specify a proxy when using the lmcheck utility. (See lmcheck utility.)

There are several ways to specify the proxy, depending on your operating system and system settings; see the sections below for proxy defaults on Windows and UNIX. Rather than relying on these defaults, we recommend running lmu with the -pp option to specify the proxy settings. (Or, on Windows, setting the proxy in the Advanced License Manager dialog in SynConfig.) This command takes effect immediately (there’s no need to restart synd) and persists until you either change it by rerunning lmu -pp or remove licensing with lmu -k. When a proxy is specified with lmu -pp, it does not change the system setting; it is used only by synd.


If your proxy server blocks access to some internet addresses, be sure to whitelist the address for the Synergy License Web Service ( or (Although it is possible that this IP address will change in the future, Synergex will make every effort to keep it the same and will notify customers prior to changing it. If your system permits you to create rules using a DNS address, that is preferable, as it will not change.)

Proxy defaults on Windows

By default, if a proxy is configured on the system, synd will use it for license synchronization; otherwise, the default WinHTTP setting will be used. WinHTTP may be configured to use a proxy or it may be configured for direct access. If you have configured a proxy through Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections tab (this is sometimes referred to as an IE proxy setting), the proxy will be set for WinINET, but not for WinHTTP, and will therefore not be used by synd. In this case, you can either use lmu -pp (recommended) or you can configure WinHTTP. If you want to do the latter, see the webpage Windows proxy settings explained, where there’s a good explanation of Windows proxy settings and instructions for using the netsh.exe utility to set a default WinHTTP proxy and import the IE proxy settings.

Proxy defaults on UNIX

By default, direct access is used on UNIX. To specify a proxy, you must use the lmu -pp option.

Specifying proxy settings with lmu

Run lmu with the -pp option to specify the proxy settings for synd to use when contacting the Synergy License Web Service.

lmu -pp=Tiger:5678
lmu -pp=default
lmu -pp=none

On Windows, you can also configure proxy settings in the Advanced License Manager dialog in the Synergy Configuation Program.