Understanding runtime licensing messages

The Synergy runtime may display warning messages regarding licensing when an application is run. (The compiler displays many of the same warnings.) You can add custom contact information to be displayed in these messages; see Displaying contact information.


Systems running the licensing upgrade package cannot display these warning messages because they are running an older Synergy runtime. On these systems, licensing warning messages will display in lmu output, the event log (on Windows), and synd.log (on UNIX).

These are the types of warnings you may see:


When a system has not been in contact with the Synergy License Web Service for 90 days, it is put into a state called forced expiration. A system can also be put into forced expiration it is cloned or when a backup is restored to different hardware. After 14 days of forced expiration, products will cease to work. Your company’s license admin will be notified if a system is in forced expiration.