Working with Fields

Field definitions are associated with each structure. The order in which you specify the fields determines the order in which they will exist within the structure. (You can reorder fields if necessary; see Reordering fields in the Field Definitions list.) The maximum number of fields that can be defined in one structure is 999.

Before defining a field, you may want to first define field templates and formats. A template is a set of field characteristics that can be assigned to one or more field definitions; it can also be assigned to other template definitions. A field format defines the way the field displays when used in UI Toolkit and ReportWriter.

Before defining an an enumerated field, you must create the enumeration definition (see Defining enumerations). Then, when defining the field, just select Enum as the field type and select the enumeration by name.


You can also load fields from a definition file into an empty structure. Once loaded, you can make changes to the fields or add fields manually. See Loading fields from a definition file for more information.

Displaying the Field Definitions list

Defining a new field

Loading fields from a definition file

Defining field formats

Defining field templates

Defining enumerations

Modifying a field

Deleting a field