Synergy ActiveX API

The Synergy ActiveX API provides ActiveX Automation support to Synergy applications. It is not available in Synergy .NET.

AX_BIND - Bind a callback subroutine to an ActiveX event

%AX_CALL - Call a method within an ActiveX control

%AX_CREATE - Create an ActiveX container

%AX_DELETE - Delete an ActiveX object

AX_GET - Get a property value for an ActiveX object

%AX_GETINT - Get an integer property value for an ActiveX object

AX_HIDE - Hide an ActiveX container

%AX_LOAD - Load an ActiveX control into a container

AX_NEWVAL - Modify an ActiveX callback routine’s parameter

AX_SET - Set a property in an ActiveX object

AX_SHOW - Show an ActiveX container

%WIN_PROC - Process system-level Windows messages

%WIN_STOP - Suspend Windows system processing

UI Toolkit routines are documented in ActiveX Routines.