Create an ActiveX container

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows




container_id = %AX_CREATE([xpos], [ypos], [xsize], [ysize], [parent][, autobind_prefix])

Return value


A positive, nonzero ID for the ActiveX container. The default string is “Container_nn”, where nn may be 1, 2, 3, and so forth in the order of containers created. (D_HANDLE)



(optional) The X pixel screen position of the upper-left corner of the ActiveX container. (n)


(optional) The Y pixel screen position of the upper-left corner of the ActiveX container. (n)


(optional) The pixel width of the ActiveX container. (n)


(optional) The pixel height of the ActiveX container. (n)


(optional) The handle of a parent window for the ActiveX container. (n)


(optional) A routine prefix that causes automatic binding to occur. If this argument is present, each event is automatically bound to any existing routine whose name is the specified prefix followed by the event’s name. (a)


The default values for xpos, ypos, xsize, and ysize are 200, 150, 400, and 300, respectively. These values together form a centered, half-screen window in an 800-by-600 resolution environment.

Specifying a parent window enables you to make the container you’re creating a “slave” to another window. The value that you pass in parent is a standard system window handle. If the parent window is visible, the container is visible on creation. Likewise, if the parent window is hidden, the container is hidden.

Specifying the autobind_prefix argument eliminates the need to manually bind each callback subroutine using AX_BIND.

Other than memory, there’s no limit to the number of containers that can be created simultaneously.


See Sample program.