Call a method within an ActiveX control

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows




value = %AX_CALL(id, method_name[, arguments, ...])


xcall AX_CALL(id, method_name[, arguments, ...])

Return value


The value returned by the method. If this value cannot be successfully converted to the natural integer for the platform (i8 on 64-bit platforms or i4 on 32-bit platforms), %AX_CALL returns 0, and the value returned by the method is ignored. (i)



The ID of the ActiveX container or control to reference. (D_HANDLE)


A string that contains the name of the method to call. (a)


(optional) One or more arguments to be passed to the specified method.


%AX_CALL attempts to convert all optional arguments into the type of data that the method expects. It is your responsibility to ensure that the type of the data passed has meaning within the context of the targeted conversion. Failure to do so will yield undefined results.

Any string arguments that are used by a “set” call (for example, SetHeaderCellFont) may need to be trimmed. %AX_CALL differentiates between strings with and without trailing spaces.


See Sample program.