Get an integer property value for an ActiveX object

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows




value = %AX_GETINT(id, property[, parameters])

Return value


The current value for the property. (i)



The ID of the container or control for which you’re getting a property. (D_HANDLE)


A string that contains the name of the property to access. (a)


(optional) Up to eight additional parameters required by a property. (n)


Property should reference a property whose value has an integer representation. If this is not the case, the return value is undefined.

Some controls support indexed properties, which are stored as arrays in a control and have one or more indices. If the property is an indexed property, parameters must be the index values of the array element to reference. The user documentation for a given control should specify when a property is indexed.

The parameters argument can only pass integer parameters. It cannot be used to pass additional parameters for a property that expects alpha parameters.