Set a property in an ActiveX object

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows




xcall AX_SET(id, property, new_value[, parameters])


return = %AX_SET(id, property, new_value[, parameters])

Return value


Always returns 1. (i)



The ID of the container or control for which you’re setting a property. (D_HANDLE)


A string that contains the name of the property to access. See Properties for ActiveX objects for information about supported properties. (a)


The new value for the property. (a or n)


(optional) Up to eight additional parameters required by a property. (n)


It is the caller’s responsibility to ensure that the data type of new_value has meaning within the context of the specified property. If it does not (for example, if you specify an alpha string for a numeric property), the results are undefined.

We recommend that you XCALL AX_SET instead of accessing it as a function.

Some controls support indexed properties, which are stored as arrays in a control and have one or more indices. If the property is an indexed property, parameters must be the index values of the array element to reference. The user documentation for a given control should specify when a property is indexed.

The parameters argument can only pass integer parameters. It cannot be used to pass additional parameters for a property that expects alpha parameters.


See Sample program.