Creating Java Class Wrappers

xfNetLink Java Edition enables you to remotely execute Synergy routines from a Java client. The topics below give you an overview of the tasks you must perform to set up and use xfNetLink Java and explain how to generate Java class wrappers and build a JAR file for your Synergy methods. The generated class wrappers use the xfNetLink Java classes internally to connect to xfServerPlus. The JAR file can be used in any Java client application to remotely access your Synergy business logic on the xfServerPlus machine.

System requirements

System overview: xfNetLink Java

Getting started with xfNetLink Java

Setting the classpath

Creating a Java JAR file in Workbench

Creating a Java JAR file from the command line

Understanding the generated Java classes

Editing the Java source files

Generating Javadoc