Setting the classpath

The xfNetLink classes are distributed in the file xfnljav.jar. Your classpath must point to this JAR file so the Java compiler can find the xfNetLink classes. The classpath also needs to include the xercesImpl.jar and xml-apis.jar files (for the XML parser required by the genjava utility) and the xfNetLink Java installation directory. The classpath setting must be a system-wide setting, not just a user login setting.

For example, on Windows:

classpath=c:\Program Files (x86)\Synergex\xfNLJava;c:\Program Files (x86)\Synergex\xfNLJava\xfnljav.jar;
c:\Program Files (x86)\Synergex\xfNLJava\xercesImpl.jar;c:\Program Files (x86)\Synergex\xfNLJava\

When you deploy your application at a customer site, you do not need to include xercesImpl.jar or xml-apis.jar in the classpath. They are required only when you are building the class wrappers and JAR file.