System overview: xfNetLink Java

xfNetLink Java is a Java client for xfServerPlus that works in conjunction with the Java programming language. Java is an interpreted language and is supported on a wide variety of platforms, including Windows, UNIX, and OpenVMS. Using xfNetLink Java, Synergy business logic can be accessed from any Java-capable environment, including Java applications, JavaServer Pages, and Java applets in web pages. (We discuss two of these options below.) Together, xfNetLink Java and xfServerPlus handle the creation of a connection between the client machine and your Synergy machine, as well as the translation of data from Java to Synergy and back to Java.

The xfNetLink Java tools enable you to create a Java JAR file that references your Synergy methods in the SMC. If you’re developing on Windows, you can create a JAR file from within Workbench. The JAR file presents a familiar interface for Java developers and can be used in a Java application, JSP application, or any other Java environment.

Figure 1 shows the primary components of a distributed application that accesses Synergy code from a Java client. This diagram describes two machines:

xfNetLink Java enables you to use your existing Synergy code without rewriting it, provided that the code is already written in the form of an external subroutine or function. If the routine requires input from or sends messages to the user, or if it might generate untrapped errors, it must be adjusted to work as server-level logic.

1. Accessing Synergy from Java.