ReportWriter User’s Guide

Version 10.3.3

This manual is your complete reference guide to Synergy/DE ReportWriter. Part I, which includes a tutorial, is intended for end users of ReportWriter. Part II is a reference for developers who are including ReportWriter in an application. This information applies to all operating systems on which ReportWriter is available, unless otherwise noted.

Part I: User’s Guide

Getting Started with ReportWriter

Using ReportWriter: A Tutorial

Basic ReportWriter Tasks

Generating Reports

Choosing the Files to Read

Choosing Fields

Designing Your Report

Using Temporary Fields

Specifying Selection Criteria

Sorting Your Report

ReportWriter Utilities

Part II: Developer’s Reference

Distributing ReportWriter with Your Application

Creating Report Definition Files

Working with the ReportWriter Window Library

Creating a Cross‑Reference File

Customizing ReportWriter Routines

Accessing ReportWriter from Your Application

Report Definition Language

Understanding ReportWriter’s Internal Processes


Appendix A: Maximums

Appendix B: Date and Time Formats

Appendix C: Error Messages

Appendix D: Data Formats

Appendix E: ReportWriter Distributed Shortcuts