Accessing ReportWriter from Your Application

You can include ReportWriter as part of your application, either pre-defining reports for your customers to run or enabling them to design their own reports. You can use ReportWriter’s external subroutine interface to call one report or the entire ReportWriter application, or you can spawn or chain to ReportWriter.

%RPS_METHOD - Overload Repository methods

%RW_CLOSE - Close ReportWriter and its files

RW_ERRINFO - Retrieve ReportWriter error information

RW_ERRMSG - Generate a ReportWriter error message

%RW_GENRPT - Generate a report

RW_GETRPT - Get a sequence of reports

%RW_INIT - Initialize ReportWriter

%RW_METHOD - Overload ReportWriter methods

RW_PARSEMSG - Parse message to send to the XCALL interface

%RW_REPORTS - Create an interactive ReportWriter session

RW_RPTCOPY - Copy a report definition

RW_RPTLIST - Retrieve a list of reports