Generate a report

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows


USupported on UNIX
VSupported on OpenVMS
status = %RW_GENRPT([report], [out_location], [out_file], [out_format], [page_header]
&      [, separator])


Either 0 (no error occurred) or a handle to error data as defined in reports.def.


(optional) The name of the report to generate. (a)


(optional) The output location: (n)

RO_SCREEN = Screen (default)

RO_PRINT = Printer

RO_FILE = File


(optional) The output file, if out_location is RO_FILE. (a)


(optional) The output format, if out_location is RO_FILE: (n)

RF_REPORT = Report (default)

RF_DATA = Data only

RF_WORKSHEET = Worksheet


(optional) The page header output flag, if out_location is RO_FILE: (n)

R_NOHEADER = No page header output (default)

R_HEADER = Page header output


(optional) The separator character to use for worksheet output: (n)

RS_COMMA = Comma (default)

RS_TAB = Tab

RS_SPACE = Space

RS_SEMICOLON = Semicolon

%RW_GENRPT enables users to generate a ReportWriter report without chaining or spawning to ReportWriter.

Make sure you call %RW_INIT before calling %RW_GENRPT.

%RW_GENRPT requires a WRUN license. If there is no WRUN license available, it will attempt to use an RPTW license. If neither license type is available, %RW_GENRPT returns an error. %RW_GENRPT releases the license when report generation is complete.

%RW_GENRPT does not perform any message parsing from either a SEND message or an RPTUSR environment variable.

Any EUTILS_METHOD that you have overloaded with E_METHOD will be overridden by the EUTILS_METHOD that ReportWriter overloads in %RW_GENRPT.