Get a sequence of reports

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows


USupported on UNIX
VSupported on OpenVMS
xcall RW_GETRPT(channel, key, report_name, status[, report_file])


A channel for the reports file. (n)


The name of the first report to find. (a)


Returned with the name of the next report found. (a)


The error status: (n)

0 = Report name found

1 = No more matching reports

n = Synergy DBL error number


(optional) The name of the reports file to open. (a)

The RW_GETRPT routine gets a sequence of reports or all reports in a given reports file. This routine is intended to be called iteratively to retrieve report names that match a specified key portion (key). If key is “ ”, all report names will be returned in sequence (one per call). If key is “CUST”, for example, all report names beginning with “CUST” will be selected, and so on.

On the first call, channel should not be open or allocated, and report_name should be blank. The routine will open the report definition file and return the first matching report name.

Subsequent calls to the routine should pass report_name with the last report name found. This will cause the routine to seek the next matching report name in the reports file.

If report_file is not specified, the routine will attempt to open the file pointed to by the RPTRFIL environment variable, and if RPTRFIL is not set, the routine will attempt to open the reports.rpt file in the directory that RPTDAT points to.