Error messages (XCALL interface and overloading)

The table below lists error messages that might be generated if you’re calling ReportWriter using the external subroutine interface or if you’ve overloaded user-overloadable subroutines.



What to do about it

File “filename” not found

ReportWriter could not find the specified file.

Check the filename and environment variables.

Invalid parameter in routine name.

There is an invalid argument in the specified routine.

Check your call to the routine.

Invalid parameter to RW_INIT: “value

The value stated is invalid for the argument to RW_INIT.

Change your call to RW_INIT.

Protection violation in access of “filename

The specified file cannot be accessed by ReportWriter.

Check the file privileges and directory.

ReportWriter methods cannot be overloaded outside of RW_INIT

You tried to call %RW_METHOD or %RPS_METHOD outside of RW_INIT_METHOD.

Move the method calls to RW_INIT_METHOD.

ReportWriter not initialized due to error in RW_INIT

You passed back a false status flag in your RW_INIT_METHOD subroutine.

Check your RW_INIT_METHOD to see why it is returning false.

ReportWriter utilities cannot be called without calling %RW_INIT

You tried to call RW_REPORTS or RW_GENRPT before RW_INIT was called.

Modify your code to call RW_INIT before making these other calls.

Routine “routine name” not found

ReportWriter could not find the named routine in RWUSRLIB.

Check the ELB or shared image that RWUSRLIB is set to.