Working with the ReportWriter Window Library

The window library file rptctl.ism, which is created from the script file rptctl.wsc, contains prompts, help messages, shortcuts, menu headings, and menu entry text for ReportWriter. The RPTDAT environment variable defines the location of the ReportWriter window library file.

ReportWriter searches for the window library file as follows:

Modifying the contents of a ReportWriter window library file

You may want to modify the contents of a ReportWriter window library file to change shortcuts or translate prompts and help messages to another language.

1. Move to the RPTDAT directory.
2. Open the rptctl.wsc file in a text editor and modify it as desired. Do not modify the following items:

We also recommend that you not modify tab and arrow key shortcuts, as these keys are explicitly referenced in the documentation.

3. Run the UI Toolkit script compiler (Script) to store compiled window script information in the window library file, rptctl.ism. See Compiling window scripts with the Script utility for a more detailed description of script files and the Script compiler.

Moving the ReportWriter window library file

If you need to move (or distribute) a ReportWriter window library file to another system, do one of the following: