Report Definition Language

The Report Definition Language (RDL) describes the contents of a ReportWriter report definition. The Generate Report Schema utility converts the contents of a report into RDL. The Load Report Schema utility converts the contents of an RDL file into a new report. RDL was designed as a tool for documenting, analyzing, creating, and modifying reports. Here are some ways you might use it:

CALCULATION - Describe a calculation field 

ENVIRONMENT - Describe an environment field

FIELD - Describe a field to be printed

FILE - Describe a file to be read

LINE - Describe a line

MISCELLANEOUS - Describe miscellaneous report options

QUESTION - Describe a question field

REPORT - Describe a report definition

SELECT - Describe the fields to be compared in selecting records

SORT - Describe a sort field

SUBTOTAL - Describe a subtotal access field

TEMPTEXT - Describe a temporary text field

TEXT - Describe text to be printed