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arrow bullet point graphic Check out our new logo!
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Synergy/DE 10.3.3b provides full support for traditional Synergy development in Visual Studio

Extend your application and make it truly unstoppable!

The recently released Synergy/DE 10.3.3b includes many enhancements and fixes to our support of traditional Synergy development in Visual Studio, including improvements to native Visual Studio debugging (now the default) and enhanced performance. Consider moving your Synergy development to Visual Studio for

“I absolutely love working on traditional Synergy projects in Visual Studio. The IntelliSense is wonderful, the auto formatting is great, the built-in prototyping works well. This easily allows me to move from one project type to another while remaining in my favorite development tool, Visual Studio. It is easier to add in Synergy .NET projects as well. Thank you for a great development experience. I’m looking forward to further enhancements in this tool.”

– Gary E. Hoffmann, TechAnalysts, Inc.

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  • industry-leading, modern development tools.
  • improved developer productivity.
  • fast builds with MSBuild.
  • Visual Studio’s sophisticated debugger (which you can also use with projects not built in Visual Studio!).
  • easy runtime targeting (remember, you can develop with the latest tools and deploy on older Synergy versions).
  • strong version control options (e.g., Git and SVN).

Learn More about traditional
Synergy in Visual Studio

The Synergy/DE 10.3.3b update also includes support for Windows Server 2016 as well as numerous fixes throughout the Synergy/DE toolset. All Synergy customers are encouraged to update to 10.3.3b to stay current. In particular, customers using Synergy list processing on Windows 10 are urged to upgrade for a fix to a significant issue with Windows 10’s hover/scroll feature.

Download 10.3.3b    View 10.3.3b release notes

Is the conference on your radar?

The Synergy DevPartner Conference is 2017’s must-attend event for Synergy developers

Synergy DevPartner Conference 2017The annual DevPartner Conference is the best way to get up to speed on the new features in Synergy/DE that will help make your applications even more powerful and your development team more productive. Join us in Atlanta, GA, May 8 – 12 as we debut Synergy/DE 10.3.5 and teach you how to put its new functionality to use. Pre- and post-conference workshops, customer demos, technical sessions, and numerous networking opportunities will help you learn the possibilities for your applications and how to make them a reality. Register today at


Check out our new logo!

As we embark on 2017, we are excited to share our updated look. To cap off our 40th anniversary year, we took the opportunity to both reflect on the past and look ahead to the future — we think a refreshed brand is the perfect way to embark on our fifth decade!

The new logo debuted on our 2017 calendar, which you should have received by now. If you need a copy of our logo, just ask!

Did you get it?

If you haven’t received your 2017 Synergex calendar, let us know!

2017 Synergex CalendarFor the 2017 calendar, local artist Dan Tirapelli of Crux Design illustrates the power of today’s Synergy/DE using the indomitable T. rex — with the addition of grabber arms, making him unstoppable (just like Synergy makes developers and their applications unstoppable). If you didn’t receive one, or would like extras, let us know!

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Tech Tip

“Unsupported server version/Feature not available” errors occuring in an xfServer upgrade

Q: We’re in the midst of upgrading to 10.3 and I’ve started seeing “Unsupported server version/Feature not available” errors. What’s going on?

A: This error can mean that either the version of xfServer is lower than the Synergy version on the client system, or that the feature you attempted to use is not supported in your version of the server. Since you’re upgrading, it’s likely that your client and server versions have gotten out of sync.

Run this command on the client machine:
synxfpng -vers server_name
where server_name is the name of your xfServer machine.
This command (which was added in 10.1) will output the Synergy version of the server. Confirm that the server is the same or a higher version than the Synergy client. With all Synergy server products, having a client version higher than the server version is an unsupported configuration, and unpredictable results may occur. Although this configuration has long been unsupported on xfServer, it was only in 10.3 that we started detecting it and generating an error. 


Fun Fact

Fun Fact

Our developers send in facts/jokes/tidbits that might be interesting to Synergy-e-News subscribers. This one was provided by Johnson Luong, Synergex Software Test Engineer/Programmer.

interface screen shotDo you want an easy way to grab the full path to a file? Simple! Just Shift + right click the file in Windows Explorer and select “Copy as path”. The full path and filename will be copied to the clipboard.

The copied path will look like this: “C:\Projects\TradCompileTab.synproj”, allowing for easy pasting into any command prompt or Synergy application.


Industry News

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“Version 10.3 includes a lot of exciting things. Support for Synergy on devices in particular has opened up so many possibilities for our application, and I think other Synergex customers will be really happy about it as well.”

– Nate Bahl, Rural Computer Consultants, Inc.

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