The Inside Track

Get technical information straight from the source. Written by our developers and PSG consultants, these articles provide technical information and insights on a variety of Synergy/DE features and technologies.

Run As User Increases Security (Don’t Break the Space-Time Continuum)

In entertainment, impersonators are funny, but in terms of security in software, it’s no laughing matter and could leave your system vulnerable. 
By Jim Sahaj, Product Development Manager

Modifying Strings Without Getting Strung Out

We added the StringBuilder class to traditional Synergy in version 11 to provide some of the more useful functionality of the .NET StringBuilder class.
By Galen Carpenter, Senior Systems Software Engineer

Bases Are Loaded: 12 New Methods for Base64 Encoding and Decoding

In Synergy/DE 11.1, we added a new class, Synergex.SynergyDE.DataEncoding, for performing base64 encoding and decoding.
By Galen Carpenter, Senior Systems Software Engineer

Functional Testing for Synergy Web Services with ASP.NET Core

Until recently, web developers had two basic options for backend testing: unit tests and integration tests. Now we also have functional testing.
By Jeff Greene, Principal Software Engineer

Select Join Optimization: Tag, You’re It

Learn how to optimize your Joins.
By John Brunett, Senior Software Engineer

Discovering DevOps

Understand what DevOps is, how it works, and what it can do for you and your company.
by Marty Lewis, Product Development Manager

Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Application and Data?

Industry changes are requiring application developers and IT administrators to up their security game.
By Roger Andrews, CTO and Synergy/DE Architect