Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio

Download the latest developer build in the Synergex Resource Center. (Resource Center account required.)

Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio is a plug-in for Microsoft’s Visual Studio that enables you to develop your Synergy DBL code in Visual Studio, taking full advantage of the developer tools available in that environment, including IntelliSense, debugging, colorization, snippets, and regions. In addition, Synergy DBL Integration hooks into and provides project wizards, WYSIWYG GUI designers, and data designers. It enables you to develop and debug traditional Synergy applications and/or Synergy .NET applications (Synergy applications that run under the .NET Framework).


Developing Synergy applications in Visual Studio gives you

  • Industry-leading, modern development tools.
  • Improved developer productivity.
  • Fast builds with MSBuild.
  • Visual Studio’s sophisticated debugger (which you can also use with projects not built in Visual Studio).
  • Easy runtime targeting (remember, you can develop with the latest tools and deploy on older versions).
  • Strong source configuration options (like Git and SVN).

If you are developing Synergy .NET applications, you can

  • Create a new presentation layer for your application (written in Synergy DBL) with tools such as WPF and Winform.
  • Quickly add functionality to your applications from the huge library of .NET Framework classes.
  • Interoperate with applications written in other .NET languages (C#, VB, etc.).
  • Create .NET class libraries of Synergy code for other .NET applications to access.
  • Migrate your xfServerPlus-based methods to run natively (for better performance, easier debugging, and access to .NET Framework classes).
  • Migrate your Synergy applications that use the Synergy windowing API.

For information on developing Synergy applications with Visual Studio, see Synergy in Visual Studio.

For information on developing Synergy .NET applications, see Developing with Synergy .NET.

See also Synergy DBL Integration Requirements.