Deploying your distributed application

Follow these steps when you are ready to deploy your xfNetLinkxfServerPlus application at a customer site.

Deploying the server

1. Install xfServerPlus.
2. Copy your ELBs to the server machine.
3. Configure settings for logging, compression, and base channel number in the xfpl.ini file. See Using the xfpl.ini file.

If you used logicals in the SMC to specify the location of the ELBs, define those logicals in the xfpl.ini file (SERVER_INIT.COM on OpenVMS). See Defining logicals.

4. If the xfpl.ini file is not in the default location (DBLDIR), set XFPL_INIPATH. See Setting the XFPL_INIPATH environment variable.
5. Copy the SMC files ( and or use the import methods option in the MDU to import the necessary interfaces to the SMC on the customer’s machine. For information on moving ISAM files between operating systems, see Moving database files to other systems. For information on importing methods, see Importing and exporting methods.
6. If the SMC files are not in the default location (DBLDIR), set XFPL_SMCPATH. See Setting the XFPL_SMCPATH environment variable for xfServerPlus.
7. Start xfServerPlus. See the instructions for your operating system:
8. Test your server setup. See Testing xfServerPlus.

Deploying the client

For information on deploying the client portion of your distributed application, refer to the topic for your xfNetLink client: