Deploying your xfNetLink .NET application

Follow these steps when you are ready to deploy your application at a customer site. For details on deploying the xfServerPlus side of your application, see Deploying the server.

1. Install the .NET Framework redistributable, available from the Microsoft website.
2. Install xfNetLink .NET. During installation, xfnlnet.dll will be registered in the GAC and installed as a native image.
3. Test your setup. See Testing xfNetLink .NET. (Requires that xfServerPlus also be set up.)
4. Install your .NET application and all the assemblies it uses. If necessary, register the assemblies in the GAC. There are two instances in which your assembly must be registered in the GAC:
5. If your application uses an application configuration file, use the xfNetLink .NET Configuration Utility to edit the file. You can create the config file ahead of time, install it with your application, and then edit it as necessary for each customer site. See Creating and editing configuration files for instructions.
6. If your application uses pooling, create, configure, and start the pool. See Implementing .NET pooling.