Configuration overview

This topic lists the steps required to configure and start xfServerPlus. For an overview of the entire process of developing a distributed application, see the topic for your client:

1. Create a user account on the xfServerPlus machine to run xfServerPlus sessions. On OpenVMS, you must specify this account during installation. On Windows and UNIX, you can create the account after installation. For details on creating an account, see one of the following:
2. Install xfServerPlus on your Synergy server machine. You must have at least one xfServerPlus license for each machine you want to use a server. The xfServerPlus installation includes the Method Definition Utility and the Synergy Method Catalog files.
3. Add the necessary settings to the xfpl.ini file:
4. If you choose to put the xfpl.ini file somewhere other than DBLDIR, set the XFPL_INIPATH environment variable. See Setting the XFPL_INIPATH environment variable.
5. If you choose to put your Synergy Method Catalog somewhere other than DBLDIR, set the XFPL_SMCPATH environment variable so that xfServerPlus can find it. See Setting the XFPL_SMCPATH environment variable for xfServerPlus.
6. Start xfServerPlus. See one of the following: