xfNetLink & xfServerPlus User’s Guide

Version 10.3.3

xfNetLink and xfServerPlus enable you to access Synergy routines and data remotely from a Synergy, Java, or .NET client. You can update your existing Synergy applications by adding a modern interface, without completely rewriting your Synergy code.

Part I: xfServerPlus

Preparing Your Synergy Server Code

Defining Your Synergy Methods

Configuring and Running xfServerPlus

Part II: xfNetLink Synergy Edition

Configuring & Testing xfNetLink Synergy

Calling Synergy Routines Remotely from Synergy

xfNetLink Synergy API

Part III: xfNetLink Java Edition

Creating Java Class Wrappers

Calling Synergy Routines from Java

Error Handling and Troubleshooting in xfNetLink Java

Part IV: xfNetLink .NET Edition

Creating Synergy .NET Assemblies

Calling Synergy Routines from .NET

Error Handling and Troubleshooting in xfNetLink .NET


Appendix A: Configuration Settings

Appendix B: Data Type Mapping for xfNetLink Java

Appendix C: Data Type Mapping for xfNetLink .NET

Appendix D: xfNetLink Synergy Sample Code

Appendix E: xfNetLink Java Sample Code