Preparing Your Synergy Server Code

xfNetLink and xfServerPlus enable you to access existing Synergy code within your Synergy applications from a remote Synergy, Java, or .NET client. Together, xfNetLink and xfServerPlus handle creating a connection and translating data between the client machine and your Synergy server machine. You can call both functions and subroutines remotely. Your Synergy code may require some alterations in order to work effectively with xfNetLink and xfServerPlus. For example, it should be modularized, routines must be contained in executable libraries (ELBs) or shared images (on OpenVMS), and all user interface elements, including error messages, must be removed.

The topics below give you an overview of changes you may need to make to your Synergy server code and include information on passing different types of data.

Modularizing your code

Attributing your code

Using ELBs and shared images

Removing user interface elements

Specifying a base channel number

Passing structures as parameters

Passing enumerations

Handling variable‑length and large data

Passing binary data

Handling errors

Using the xfServerPlus application program interface

SET_XFPL_TIMEOUT - Set a time‑out for xfServerPlus

XFPL_LOG - Make an entry in the xfServerPlus log

XFPL_REGCLEANUP - Register a cleanup method