Passing enumerations

You can pass enumerations defined in the repository as parameters or return values, as well as include them as fields in a structure passed as a parameter. This feature is supported on xfNetLink Java and xfNetLink .NET. In Java, enumerations are included in your JAR file as enum type classes; in .NET, they are included in the assembly as enumeration types, or enums.

Regardless of whether you are creating a JAR file or an assembly, the repository enumeration becomes a class (named with the enumeration name), and each member of the enumeration is accessible from your client application.

If you assign numerical values to the members in the repository, they are used for the integer equivalents assigned to the values in the generated class; else, values are assigned automatically starting with 0 and incrementing by 1.

When you create a new instance of an enumeration in your client code, it has a default value of the enumerator that has been assigned 0, if you do not explicitly assign a value. Consequently, when defining your enumeration in the repository, you should specify as the first member the value you would like to be the default.

In your Synergy code, you must .INCLUDE the enumeration.

For more information on using enumerations, refer to the topic for your client: