SDI features

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When you install Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio (SDI), the Synergy DBL language, the Synergy compilers, and Synergy debugging are integrated with Visual Studio. This integration enables you to

Features available to all Synergy projects in Visual Studio

For Synergy projects, SDI adds the following to the Visual Studio Build menu:

The difference between the commands under Project Only and the standard project-specific build commands (e.g., Build > Build MyProject) is that the Project Only commands do not affect referenced projects. The standard project-specific commands do affect (i.e., they do build, rebuild, and clean) referenced projects. Note, however, that we generally recommend using solution builds to ensure that resulting assemblies are built correctly. If you do build projects separately, the Clear Error List command (discussed below) can make it easier to use the Visual Studio Error List.

Additionally, a few menu entries are added to the Tools menu when a solution with a Synergy project is open in Visual Studio:

The context menu that opens when you right-click an .INCLUDE statement includes Open File, which opens the specified include file in the Visual Studio editor.

A DBL Background pane is available in the Visual Studio Output window. This pane logs background IntelliSense and prototyping messages and is for use by Synergy/DE Developer Support. To view this pane, open the Visual Studio Output window (View > Output) and select “DBL Background” in the “Show output from” drop-down list at the top of the window.

Additional features for Synergy .NET

For Synergy .NET projects, SDI also includes runtime libraries for Windows desktop and server applications. (A NuGet package is available with runtime libraries for devices; see Synergy .NET Requirements.) It also includes Synergy-specific Watch and QuickWatch commands for debugging (see Debugging Synergy .NET Code).

Additional features for traditional Synergy

For traditional Synergy development, SDI also includes the following:

xfODBC specialization file

SDI includes the xfODBCSpecialization15.dll file, which is specifically for xfODBC. This file enables xfODBC data sources to be used in the data designer for Visual Studio 2017 and 2019. To use xfODBC data sources in these versions of Visual Studio, you must install SDI (even if you don't plan to develop Synergy applications or libraries in Visual Studio).