Getting help for Synergy in Visual Studio

For help with Visual Studio, see Microsoft documentation. Microsoft documentation for Visual Studio generally applies to Synergy development in Visual Studio. For general help with Synergy development in Visual Studio, see SDI Basics. For help with traditional Synergy or Synergy .NET, see

For information on requirements for SDI, see For known limitations, see the release notes (REL_SDI.TXT).

Some Synergy help topics are installed with Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio (SDI). These topics discuss Synergy-specific features and are integrated with local Visual Studio help topics, so they are available in the Microsoft Help Viewer (Help > View Help) when viewing local help. Synergy-specific topics are listed under the Synergy/DE node on the Contents tab of the Microsoft Help Viewer, but you can also access them from the viewer's index and search and by doing the following:

Note that with Visual Studio 2017, SDI help topics are installed only if the Help Viewer component of Visual Studio is installed before you install SDI. If you install SDI on a system that does not have the Help Viewer component, you can get SDI help by installing the Help Viewer component and then repairing the SDI installation. (Use the Repair option for the “Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio” entry in the Programs and Features window for Windows Control Panel.)