Synergy .NET Development

Version 10.3.3

Synergy .NET components enable you to create Synergy .NET applications and libraries that target .NET Framework and .NET Core on Windows and Mono on Linux. You can also create Synergy libraries (.NET Standard libraries) for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) on Windows 10 if you add these libraries to UWP apps created with other .NET languages (e.g., C#).


The topics listed below do not fully document third-party products or the development procedures required to use them. For information on third-party products, refer to the documentation for those products.


Synergy .NET Basics

Synergy .NET Requirements

Visual Studio Projects for Synergy .NET

Developing for .NET Framework

Developing for .NET Core

Developing .NET Standard libraries

Developing for .NET on Linux

Developing Portable Class Libraries

Debugging Synergy .NET Code

Performing Common Synergy .NET Coding Tasks

Preparing Existing Code for Synergy .NET

Synergy DBL Support for .NET