Synergy debugger commands

You can abbreviate any of the debugger commands or their options to one or more unique characters (for example, B for BREAK, DEL for DELETE, and SH for SHOW). There are also some exceptions (D and DE for DEPOSIT, S for STEP, SE for SET, and W and WA for WATCH), due to the evolution of the command set. If the first token on a debug command line is a semicolon (;), the rest of the line is ignored.

Command recall and editing

You can recall and edit debugger commands using the following control characters:


Recall previous command.


Recall next command.


Move backward within the line.


Move forward within the line.


Delete previous character within the line.


Delete current character within the line.


Delete to the beginning of the line.


Delete to the end of the line.

ctrl+c Break all when the program has been started in debug mode.

On a PC or VTxxx terminal, the up arrow and down arrow keys recall the previous command and the next command, respectively. The left arrow and right arrow keys and the remove key are automatically mapped to the backward, forward, and delete current character functions, respectively.

The command recall buffer handles 240 characters. The length of your commands determines how many commands the recall buffer can hold.