Provide command help information

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows


USupported on UNIX
VSupported on OpenVMS
HELP [command] [/PAGE]



(optional) Any valid debugger command or unique command abbreviation.


(optional) Stops the output every 24 lines and waits for input (CR to get the next page and <EOF> to terminate input). On Windows, the output will vary based on the values of DBG_HEIGHT and DBG_WIDTH.


The HELP command gives more detailed information about the specified debugger command. If no arguments are present, general help is displayed.


The example below displays help information about the GO command.


The following appears:

Continue program execution:
 GO           - Continue execution
 GO /DEBUG    - Continue execution until entering routine compiled
                with debug
 GO /NODEBUG  - Cancel debugging and continue execution
 GO /NEXT     - Continue until the next function or subroutine entry
 GO /EXIT     - Continue until the current function or subroutine
 GO /RETURN   - Continue until a RETURN from the current CALL
 GO /nnn      - Continue through nnn breaks, each break will be
 GO rtn       - Continue until the routine <rtn> is entered
 GO ln        - Continue to line <ln> in the current routine
 GO rtn ln    - Continue to line <ln> in routine <rtn>
 GO .         - Continue until current line reached again
Note that, with the exception of GO/NODEBUG, all of the qualified forms will also suspend execution whenever a breakpoint or watchpoint is encountered.