Make an ELB’s subroutines available to debugger

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows


USupported on UNIX
VSupported on OpenVMS
OPENELB elb_spec


The file specification of the ELB to attach to.

The OPENELB command attaches to the specified ELB. The ELB’s subroutines are made available to the debugger and the executing program exactly as if the OPENELB system-supplied subroutine had been called prior to the line number of the break at which the command was entered. You can then set breakpoints in routines within that ELB.

Each OPENELB command opens the specified ELB and any ELBs that are linked to it. See OPENELB for restrictions on elb_spec. Any elb_spec that is valid for the OPENELB subroutine is valid for this command as well.

The OPENELB command can be used for client/server or regular debugging. When running the debugger in a client/server configuration with xfServerPlus, you will need to use OPENELB to open the ELBs containing your Synergy routines before setting a breakpoint in one of those routines.

If the specified ELB cannot be located or successfully attached, an error message is generated.

The example below opens the ELB WND:tklib.elb.