Set a property for an ActiveX control

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows




xcall AX_TKSET(tk_container_id, property, new_value)



The window ID for the ActiveX control’s Toolkit container. (n)


The name of the property to access. For supported properties, see Published properties for ActiveX Toolkit lists and Properties for ActiveX objects. (a)


The new value for the property. (a or n)


AX_TKSET enables you to set an ActiveX control’s properties by passing the Toolkit container ID. You can use this subroutine only if you used %AX_TKSINGLE or %GRID_CREATE to create the container and load the control. (If you used %AX_TKWIN to create the container, you must use AX_SET in the Synergy ActiveX API.)

Make sure the data type of new_value has meaning within the context of the specified property. If it doesn’t (for example, if you specify an alpha string for a numeric property), the results are undefined.


Rather than making multiple calls to AX_TKSET to set properties for the same control, use %AX_TKCTLID to get the ActiveX control ID, and then use AX_GET to get the properties. AX_TKSET is convenient (because you don’t need the control ID), but it calls AX_SET, so it’s not as efficient.

On UNIX, a call to this routine will cause an error. On OpenVMS, this routine is ignored.

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See the Examples for %AX_TKCALL.