xfODBC requirements and installation

You’ll need to install xfODBC for both development and deployment of an ODBC-accessible Synergy database. General requirements are listed below. See the installation instructions and Configuring Connectivity Series for more information.

For development, you’ll need Connectivity Series (installed on the development machine), Synergy data files, and a Synergy repository that defines them. See Preliminary Steps for more information.

For deployment of an ODBC-accessible Synergy database, you’ll need the following, and you may need to set data access options. (See Configuring Data Access.)


Location in client/server configuration

Connect file


System catalog




Synergy data files


32-bit or 64-bit ODBC-enabled Windows-based application


For a stand-alone deployment, you’ll need to install Connectivity Series.

For a client/server deployment, you’ll need the following (see figure 1):

In a client/server configuration, xfODBC uses SQL OpenNet for the network layer. The SQL OpenNet client must be installed on each client machine (it’s installed with either Connectivity Series or the xfODBC Client), and the SQL OpenNet server must be installed on the server (it’s installed with Connectivity Series).

The Connectivity Series installation includes all xfODBC components (development and deployment, client and server). The xfODBC Client installation includes only those components that are needed for an xfODBC client:

The xfODBC Client is available in two versions: 32-bit and 64-bit. You can install both on a 64-bit system, but environment variables for the first version you install will be overwritten by the last version you install. See the installation instructions for more information.


All components must either be 32-bit or 64-bit; 64-bit components cannot be used with 32-bit components. The one exception is the SQL OpenNet client and server: a 32-bit SQL OpenNet client can work with a 64-bit SQL OpenNet service and vice versa.

On a 64-bit Windows operating system, only 64-bit services are supported.

For information on requirements for third-party software, see Third-party software requirements.  

1. xfODBC and SQL OpenNet components accessing Synergy data.

xfODBC and SQL OpenNet components accessing Synergy data