Configuring Connectivity Series

Synergy/DE Connectivity Series consists of SQL Connection, xfODBC, and SQL OpenNet.

SQL Connection is an API that enables you to access third-party databases, such as Oracle, from a Synergy application.

xfODBC is a group of utilities that enables you to access Synergy data from third-party ODBC-enabled applications, such as Microsoft Access.

Both SQL Connection and xfODBC can be used stand-alone or in a client/server configuration. In a client/server configuration, SQL OpenNet server provides the network layer. The client can be installed as either Connectivity Series or xfODBC Client, which is a thinner client that does not require the installation of Synergy Core Components. (For details on the xfODBC Client installation, see xfODBC requirements and installation.)

The topics below describe how to configure SQL OpenNet for use with SQL Connection and xfODBC as well as how to configure SQL Connection for stand-alone or client use and xfODBC for client use (Windows only). For information about using SQL Connection and xfODBC, troubleshooting Connectivity Series, and details on logging and error messages, see the SQL Connection Reference and the xfODBC User’s Guide.