sqld program

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows
WNSupported in Synergy .NET on Windows



The sqld program provides the Synergy/DE SQL OpenNet service on Windows. (See SQL Connection and xfODBC on Windows.) The service name is SynSQL, and the display name is “Synergy/DE OpenNet Server.”

The sqld program reads opennet.srv and starts the vtxnetd/vtxnet2 server program (see Customizing the opennet.srv file). It then polls vtxnetd/vtxnet2 periodically to verify that the program is still running (see Changing the polling interval).


You can register, start, stop, and remove sqld using the Connectivity Series tab in the Synergy Configuration Program. Do not attempt to issue sqld commands from the command line while SynConfig is running.

sqld [-h][-l][-q|-r|-rs|-x]


Display a list of sqld options.


Log debug information about SynSQL start-up in the Windows event log. Used with -r or -rs.


Stop the service SynSQL. (See Stopping and removing SQL OpenNet for details on what happens when the service is stopped.)


Register the service SynSQL.


Register the service SynSQL (if necessary) and then start it.


Unregister (remove) the service SynSQL. If the service is running, -x will first stop it.